Saturday, August 2, 2008

Metrosexual man!!!

The word metrosexual was coined by Mark Simpson, a British journalist and write who wrote the article “Here Come The Mirror Men” in 1994, which ran in the English newspaper, Independent. The term got popular in Simpson’s 2002 article “Meet The Metrosexual” which identified David Beckham as the metrosexual poster boy!!!

What is it?

A metrosexual guy is one who embraces, and is in touch with his “feminine’ side. He’s a little narcissistic, but is not to be confused as a gay man. Oucchh!!!

- Meticulous and very conscious about his appereance. He’ll spend a lot of time perfecting it.
- Up-to-date with the latest hairstyles and is usually clad in fashionable clothes.
- Takes care of his lifestyle and fitness. He goes to the gym and eats well.

Turn on or off? The pros and cons of dating a MM:


- your number one shopping companion. He loves shopping as much as you do (if not more). He has no problems pointing out which jeans fit you best and which ones make your butt look big.
- He always looks good. He grooms himself from hair to personal hygiene \. You’ll never have to worry about ambarassing fahion faux pas.
- He loves all the good things in life. Designer clothes, art, fine dining.
- He’s comfortable being him. Not hung up on stereotypes and he doesn’t try to hide his moisturizer from you.
- He dresses to kill. He might even be able to give you a tip or two about fashion!
- He’s eye candy and is the perfect date.
- Imagine the envy you’ll get from your partner. . .


- You have to keep up with his appearance, coz even if he’s bumming aroung the house, he’s still look impeccable.
- He’s obsessed about with himself. Ther’s only one singular focus. He pays attention to no one but him! You’ll feel second best.
- He fusses about his looks. All the time! He even spends more money than you on beauty and hair products. Grrr! (he might even use your lotion too!)
- Emotionallt, you might find yourself competing with him, coz well. . . he can be prettier than you. And sometimes, he even looks better in jeans than you do.

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