Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A to Z all about LOVE. . .

A to Z
About LOVE. . .

A – Alliance
Love is born with the alliance of two hearts

B – Brighten
Your love may brighten his/her life

C – Caring
There is no point if there is no caring of each other

D – Dear
Your love is your dear love one

E – Enhance
Must be enhancing your existing love

F – Forever
Together live forever and ever

G – Good
To be a perfect lover, you must be a good friend

H – Honest
Be honest in love

I – Intelligent
Delegate your intelligent which is good or bad

J – Jokes
Chill out your love with jokes

K – Kind
Kind of heart and soul in loving your love

L – Loyalty
Be loyal for only one!

M – Manner
Be manner and behave yourself and dignity

N – Need
Must right there when you are needed

O – Objective
Sure there must be objective in love!

P – Passion
To have it, need a passion to get it

Q – Quality
The best quality of love is sincere, not as sympathy

R – Responsibility
Must be responsible to your love

S – Survive
To survive in keeping your love till the end

T – Tolerate
Should be tolerate in love

U – Unpredictable
Be ready for unpredictable obstacles

V – Valuable
Appreciate your love coz it is very valuable

W – Wish
Try to give what your love wish for

X – X Factor
Your X is your sacrifice

Y – You
Do what you need to do, because”I need you”

Z – Zero
There is zero of disappointment

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