Wednesday, February 27, 2008

BecOz U livE. . .

I dedicate this 2 abg uwsr3…
I just can live without you because you are the air
for keeping me alive. . .
Every single seconds just you in my mind. . .
Dreaming of you make me feel the real. . .
The real is becoz you live, I live. . .

Staring out at the rain with a heavy heart
It’s the end of the world in my mind
Then your voice pulls me back like a wake-up call
I’ve been looking for the answer somewhere
I couldn’t see that it was right there
But now I know, what I didn’t know because you live and breathe
Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help
Because live, uwsr3
My world…
Has twice as many stars in the sky
It’s all right, I survived. I’m alive again
‘Cause of you, made it trough every storm
What is life? What’s the use if you’re killing time
I’m so glad that I found an angel
someone who was there when all my hopes fell
I wanna fly looking in your eyes because you live,
there’s a reason why
I carry on when I lose the fight
I want to give what you’ve given me always…
Because you live…I live!!!

mY feVErET sONG. . .



I love the way that you look without your make-up
I had a girl before we met but we broke up
There’s something about you that makes me want to step up
Step up and be with you
If that’s ok with you

We’ll keep the neighbours awake too late too late
Coz imma make you feel so good how I see its happening
We’ll keep the neighbor awake too late too late
Coz baby I wanna step up and be with you


I’m gonna make you feel like you are heaven on earth
I’m gonna say to your mother just for giving you birth
I’m gonna wanna hold you in my arms when you cry
If that’s ok with you

I wanna keep your toothbrush at my apartment
Make a second set of keys and ask you to move in
I’m not crazy
I know what I’m getting myself in
I wanna live with you
If that’s ok with you

Chorus x2

I’m gonna make you feel like you are heaven on earth
I’m gonna say to your mother just for giving you birth
I’m gonna wanna hold you in my arms when you cry
If that’s ok with you
If that’s ok with you
If that’s ok with you
If that’s ok with you
Yeah yeah

We’ll keep the neighbours awake too late too late
I wanna love you this way that way this way
We’ll keep the neighbours awake too late too late
I wanna love you this way that way this way

Chorus x2


You may be frenz of yourself, be the “ngam” gang, but dun you realize that you may be the most loyal n true frenz of urself dude!!! So, wanna noe how come it be??? Check this out!!!

Defense Urself:
Sumtimes there is your frenz r trying 2 defense you when you r in the problems. But, actually if there is no one is trying 2 defense you, you will be the best frenz of yourself in order 2 defense every single part of you. Therefore, be frenz of you 2 show ur voice n right!!!

Be Frenly:
It doesn’t mean dat u must be frenly among the popular gang, u will be popular as well!!! Just believe in urself n be urself. It must be better n others will noe u as u really r. Dun be such a fool around them.

It must be hurt urself if u trying 2 compare between u n others. There will be lots of weaknesses dat u will find out. Ouchh!!! So, just look at urself n just trying 2 praise urself 4 wat is given 2 u as a gift by GOD. You may critic urself 4 improving ur bad ones. Just give da chances 2 be urself.

Love Conflicts:
U r trying 2 share ur love matters with ur close frenz, but they just saying dat u must stay away n hate ur love ones although dat makes u will think how bad they r. So, if u believe in urself n confident dat u r making da rite decisions 4 wat problems dat ur facing rote noe, n just believe dat all da secrets will be revealed. Threfore, da bad things are only u n ur love ones noe.

Improve Urself:
It is a normal if u have any weaknesses n bad attitudes coz everyone does. It is shameless if anybody is talking bout dat. So, u need 2 find out wat ur weakness is n try 2 solve them. In dat case, u r more honest than others.

Be Happy:
When u r in sadness, sure u want sumbody 2 cheer u up rite??? But, when there is no one, u still have urself 2 do so. Furthermore, u noe wat is better 4 u.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

sONg OF diZ mOnTH. . .

Colbie Caillat

"Will you count me in?"
I've been awake for a while now
You got me feeling like a child now
Cause everytime I see your bubbly face
I get the tingle in the silly place


It starts in my toes
Makes me crinkle my nose
Where ever it goes I always know
That you make me smilePlease stay for a while now
Just take your timeWhere ever you go
The rain is falling on my window pane
But we are hiding in a safer place
Under the covers staying safe and warm
You give me feelings that I adore

repeat chorus
What am I gonna say
When you make me feel this way
I just.....mmmmmmm

repeat chorus

I've been asleep for a while now
You tucked me in just like a child now
Cause every time you hold me in your arms
I'm comfortable enough to feel your warmth
It starts in my soul and I lose all control
When you kiss my nose the feeling shows
Cause you make me smile
Baby just take your time
Holding me tight
Where ever, where ever, where ever you go
Where ever, where ever, where ever you go...
Wherever you goI'll always know
Cause you make me smile
Even just for a while

mY FeREVet AlbUM

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Myth of the month. . .

You use only 10 percent of your brain. . .

Maybe when u r watching The Hills, but the rest of the time u r at full capacity. The misconception may be due partly to the fact that you use only a small part of your brain-maybe 5 percent for conscious activities, such as solving math problems and swinging a golf club. The other 90-something percent? It’s employed 24/7 making sure your body stays up and running.

Caffeine Fix???

Another excuse to make Starbucks run: Swedish scientists recently found out that drinking 2 cups of coffee daily reduces your risk of liver cancer by 43 percent. The researchers made this determination after analyzing 11 studies that include over 241,000 people. Although there isn’t a proven mechanism for how coffee help prevent liver cancer, the researchers think it could be a combination of compounds. “Caffeine appears to keep an enzyme linked to liver damaged at normal levels, while antioxidants also contribute to the beneficial effect. “

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

On da 14th it’s time 4 chocolates, candle-lit dinners n other romantic smoochiness. . . Although Valentine’s Day has become a big hit internationally, da roots of holiday goes back to and old European belief that ducks, swans and other birds of a feather choose their lifelong mates in mid February. . . See!!! How cool it was rite???

Medieval British, French, Italian, n other romantic Europeans held view was that birds were monogamous, moving through life wing in wing, n dying of broken hearts when their partner succumbed to old age. . .

Studies by modern ornithologists however show that our feathered frenz r prone to promiscuity n other sexual sneakiness. . .

While swans, geese, eagles, n some owls n parrots mostly mate 4 life, pair will separate n find another partner if they have problems producing eggs. . . A frisky partner is also not averse to having a quick affair if da opportunity comes up. . .Wat a scandal rite??? Hahahahaha. . .

The duck family mostly mate 4 life but many mate 4 one breeding season, a sort of serial monogamy. . .

In addition, ornithologists point that the North American dabbling ducks n some of their relatives r monogamous purely becoz da males find it impossible to police more than one female. . . Wow!!! Watch out guys. . . Organized ducks with easy 2 manage partners do make whoopee outside da pair bond when they can.

Worryingly, scientists have evidence that ducks, geese, n other birds also engage in violent behavior, including sexual assault n battery of non-mates. . . Aiyark!!! Such a jerk. . .

As da field of animal sexuality is will hotting up, researchers r rushing 2 make a new look at da love of birds.

Romantic Valentine’s Day imagery will no doubt stick 2 iconic images such as da two swans with their neck intertwined in a classic clinch, but comedians should new unpalatable truths ornithologists come up with. .

Monday, February 11, 2008

mY miDterM brEAK. . .

Trip 2 kL (2/2/08)

I was very very hepy for going to kL 2 c my luvly abg uwsr3. I can’t wait lol. Huhuhuhu. At the same, I need to do a research 4 my Human Resource (HR) subject. I took my journey from my campus, UiTm Dungun to kL. Hurry up!!! Dun wanna be late to get 2 da bus stations. Fuh, luckily I wasn’t be left by da bus. . . Wah, xsbarnya nk jmpa abg!!! Hahahaha. Aiyark. . . da trip made me so tired lol. Just arrived in kL bout 4.30 a.m. It was stiil early, nk stay kat surau or just get the train? Mmm just tunggu dlu jab la. Lgpn train lom bukak lg ni. . . So sleepy lol. I just can’t even open my eyes. Huhuhu. . . After rest 4 a while I moved on 2 da train stations. . . Lol still not open yet!!? Damn it! Need 2 wait again. So tension lol. . . Da la ngantowk bangat sih! Adoi. . .

Ha, da bukak pn gate. . . Yeayea!!! So I took da train going 2 my abg uwasr3’s house. Da smpai pn kat terminal I tried 2 reach my abg. Mmm no reply from him lol. Must be sleep lg la ni. Tp xpa la abg pn mesti penat kan. . . Just wait 4 another hour. Still get no reply from him. Adoi la. . . Abg where r u??? still be waiting till g hours later then my abg is coming. . . Im not blame on abg coz he so tired been working rite. . . It’s okai abg, I dun get mad on u lol. . .

1st day (3/2/08)

Nothing much 4 today. . . I’m so tired indeed. Need lots of rest 2 cover my asleep time. Wuarggghhhh!!! So sleepy. But I will not to stay at abg’s house due 2 certain probs. So need 2 stay at his fren’s house; Lucas Marinus. . . Wah, I got a new fren. He is so nice to me. I’m very sleepy n so starving 2day. Need 2 eat sumthing lol. Huhuhuhu. . . After took dat needed rest, abg n me going 2 have lunch 2getha. Yeayea!!! He accompanied me 4 a while b4 getting back 2 his ofis. Abg ni ari ahad pn g keja. . . Wajin tol keja. At night, abg n me r going 2 have dinner 2getha. We went 2 mamak store. Ordered mee goreng mamak 1!!! Tea ais 1!!! Tea ais is feveret abg. . . Then, we went back home. . . Mkn pastu titow!!!

2nd day (4/2/08)

RESEARCH’S DAY!!! But I woke up late 2day. . . Abg waking me up 4 taking shower. Wuarghhh!!! Still sleepy but need 2 be hurry coz my frenz r waiting me at KLCC. After all r ready, abg sent me 2 jelatek LRT n abg is going 2 his ofis lol. . .

Just arrived at KLCC. . . Searching 4 my frenz but they seem moody ja. . . Mybe I was a little 2 late. Ala rilekz la, Lala pn lom sampai lg kan. So, I still not getting late LOL. . . Hehehehe. B4 lala dtg we’re preparing 4 da research n making a phone call 4 each chosen companies but hampeh ja coz they have no cooperation at all. So, we tried to go 2 I-Setan. Who noes dat they will give their cooperation kan, tp. . . hampeh gak!!! Penat ja kitorang tggu kat sana but dat operator just ignored us waiting 4 longer time. Damn operator, LINE IS DEAD!!! Bkn nya nk bgtau pape information pn kat kitorang. So, kitorang pn blah ja la dr c2. Dun waste our time being there anymore!!! Huhuhuhu. . .

But we’re stucked lol. . . Dun noe wat 2 do. So, I made a decision 4 us 2 go somewhere else for getting our lunch first. We decided 2 go 2 timesquare. Wah, on da way going there, dan2 ja c fana ni amik pic at Pudu Prison. She said dat she wanna be PR job 4 dat path!!! Mmg seswai!!! Hehehehehe. . . Ha, we just arrived at timesquare. We went 2 food court 2 mkn lol. . . Da lapar bangat sih!!! After mkn we went around the timesquare. Stepped by at BORDERS bookstore 4 a while. . . Gosh, da lewat da ni, need 2 go home lol. Abg pn da nk blk dr ofis da 2. Hey guys, we r better hurry!!!
At night, abg said dat he needs 2 go 2 kT. Ala, xsempat nk stay lama2 ngn abg tp da nk g kT lak. Tp xpa la, I do understand with ur jobs. . . Abg went 2 ofis b4 going 2 Kt 2morro 4 preparing his project. Abg said dat he gonna be late. But, I wanna wait 4 him 4 going back home. Olready 2 o’clock, but abg still didn’t back home. I just waiting him till I slept titely. Wanna hug abg in my arms!!! But wat can I do rite.

3rd day (5/2/08)

Diz moning abg waking me up 2 get shower. 2day abg will go 2 kT. Mmm gonna missing him nanti lol. But wat can I do. . . Dam phm ngn keja abg sgt. U will give 200% attentions on it kan? Kan? Kan? So, how about me??? My frenz n I need 2 do da 2nd day researches due to have not finished it yet. Mmm cmna la plak ari ni kan??? Kitorang pn jmpa kat KLCC. Lala couldn’t come due 2 her probs. It’s okai then. We stucked on again!!! Fana said da companies asked us 2 send fax 2 them ja. Wateva!!! Have no cooperation at all!!! Our stomachs r olready singing. Lapar lol. . . We went 2 da food court 2 have our lunch first. But u noe wat, our research 2day is turned 2 shopping time!!! Hahahaha. . . Ni suma ajakan serta hasutan Fana n Fara. . . Daku hanya la insan yg lemah n terpaksa akur ngn ajakan dorang!!! Dun get mad on me okai!!! Wakakakaka. . .

4th day (6/2/08)

I woke early diz moning, and realize dat abg is not by my side. . . Uwaaa!!! Tp nk wat cmna kan. Abg went 2 kT 4 working. It still can be accepted. I went 2 da kitchen, took chipsmore n a glass of water. . . Sat in front of tv watching da Chinese concerts. 2morro will be Chinese New Year!!! Gong Xi Fa Cai. . . Mau angpau maa. . . Sapa mau kasi??? Huhuhuhu. . . No one!!! Sad. . . While I’m watching da tv show, I just thinking dat I wanna clean up abg’s house. . . Yup!!! Gud idea. . . Pas mkn ja I terus kemas umah. . . Sweeping, mopping, tidying, etc. . . Fuh, so tired but now is more comfortable n worth rite. . . Housemate abg, Arel is not back home yet. I felt so bored!!! Abg said dat he will back home 2nite. About at 12 abg is back home!!! Yeayea. . . Hug2!!! Windunya. . . 2nite leh la stay lama ckit ngn abg. . . So hepy!

5th day (7/2/08)

Moning abg. . . Diz moning, abg said dat he wanna go back 2 kg diz afternoon. . . Ala bru ja dam nk stay lama ckit ngn abg, abg da nk blk kg lak. I will be alone once again. Uwaaa!!! I asked him 2 go with him but he wont let me go. . . Abg said not now, mybe nextime. . . Xpa la kalau cm2 but I felt very upset. Diz moning abg went 2 ofis 4 a while. Once again I asked abg 2 come with him but he won’t coz he needs 2 settle his family matters. It’s okai. . . I do understand u abg!!! Abg ckp jab ja tp lama gak. . . Mlm gak abg bru blk. It must be such a boring day if abg is not at home. . . Wat am I gonna do then??? Uwaaa!!! Seb baek da housemate abg; arel, xda la boring sgt nanti. Tp arel pn asik busy ngn tasks dia ja. Xpa la, as long as I was in abg’s house I will be okai. Mmm. . . So, dat nite abg pn blk kg. . . Papai abg!!! Drive bebaik. . . Luv u!!!

Arel n I went out 4 drinks. We went 2 Oldtown. Arel ajak his penkid fren. Tp cun gak penkid ni. . . We’re having fun 2getha then went home. . . I tried 2 msg abg, and then abg said dat he is not arrived yet. Jab lg smpai la kot abg kan??? Mmm. . .take care tau!!!
Ha, td I da msg ABG FAZRIN (louie) , tny sehat ka x??? But mybe I msg him not at da rite time. . . Abg cam moody ja. Dun noe y??? Mmm. . . Y abg??? Abg mrh dam ya??? So sory if dat I made u mad on me. . . Sory sgt2. I noe dat u r mad on me. It was my entire fault. . . I admit it. Mmm. . .

6th day (8/2/08)

2day is such a boring day. . . Chinese New Year is still celebrated. But not 4 me lol. . . Huhuhuhu. I was just at home watching da Chinese shows n concerts while eating chipsmore again. . . Jab da jab xda!!! Hehehehehe. . . Abg msg me for asking me how I am going??? I’m okai in here abg, but bored becoz u r not by my side. . . Dari pg smpai ptg I asik tgk tv ja. . . Actually I wanna c One In A Million (OIAM) but da show was turned 2 da Chinese movie. So,I can’t c da OIAM show LOL. . . Uwaaa!!!

But cita chinese ni besh sgt. I had no idea wat is da title lol. . . Otherwise I leh cari cita ni nanti kan??? Diz is da synopsis of dat story. . . Have a gurl seems so unactive gurl coz she doesn't like 2 talk even with her mom!!! Her mom is so worried bout her gurl. . . She tried 2 asked da doctor but da doc also couldn’t help her even 2 talk!!! One day dat gurl found a bug. She tried 2 catch da bug. N finally she got da bug. Suddenly da bug talks 2 her. Wah, da bug also can talk ya??? Huhuhuhu. . . So, she seems wanna talk 2 dat bug. She named dat bug “GO CI”. So sweet. . .

Day by day, she always talking 2 dat bug n make her so happier. 1 day she realized dat she has ability to talk with all kinds of bugs. . . So, she keeping da secret from anybody else. Then, he met up with da noty boys dat always disturbing her wherever she going 2. . . Actually dose boys also have their own abilities n skills. Can c through da walls, read wat people r thinking n etc. . . Wah, dat was cool!!! Unfortunately her bug was caught by da bugs buster. He caught GOCI!!! She was upset n tried da best as she can do 2 get back her bug. Finally, she got back her bug n made her being hepy again. THE END. . .

7th day (9/2/08)

Woke up early diz moning. So bored n missed abg so much!!! While I’m watching da tv show, my fren sms me 2 hang out. Wah, I gonna be out 2day 2 watch movies. . . my frenz n I went 2 OU. So many people lol wanna c da movies. . . Mostly chinese mybe 2 c CJ7 casted by Stephen Chow!!! But, We wanna c DUNIA BARU THE MOVIE!!! Must be great. . . now is about 12.50 but dat movie will start at 2.45. . . So, still having time 4 SHOPPING!!! My feveret part!!! Hahahahaha. . . Went 2 da Burger King 4 our lunch there. . . Then, we’re back 2 da movie section 2 watch Dunia Baru da Movie. . . I will conclude dat da movie is “MESTI TONTON”!!! Hehehehehe. . . Check it out okai. . . U wont be regret.

Well, I was in kL bout a week olready. . . It’s time 4 me going back 2 my campus. . . My trip is at 10p.m. I was a little bit unhepy coz abg cant send me 2 da bus station. I couldn’t say gudbye 4 him. . . Uwaaa!!! So sad. . . But It was okai, my heart is exactly very closed 2 him. . . Abg, wanna hug 2 dat time, but wat can I do. . . abg da kat kg rite now. . . Only can send sms 2 say gudbye 2 u. . . Huhuhuhu. . . N diz is my sms dat I have sent 2 him. . . Dis sms makes me crying everytime I read it. . .

“Abg. . .Dam rasa berat ati lak blk. Tp bla dam bca blk msg abg, dam rasa lega ckit. Dam akn utamakn study n family dam. Tp abg pn tetap dam utamakan. . .Dam akn salu okai. Sbb abg ckp abg akn syg dam kalau dam okai. . .Tiap kata2 abg dam salu igt, Dam xkn lupa. . .Dam janji akn dgr ckp abg.Dam janji.Dam akn salu doakn abg selamat n hepy salu. . .Abg sakit, dam pn sakit. Abg sedih, dam pn sedih. Tp dam mau abg sehat n hepy ja. . . Abg jga mkn tau.Jgn asik keja.Abg salu msg n call dam ya? Hnya msg n call abg ja jd pengubat windu dam. . .Dam salu bca msg2 yg anta. . .Hepy sgt!Blik abg dam kemas leklok da. . .Abg2,dam amik gmbr abg sekeping lam treasure box abg.Xpa kan? Ha,lg 1 dam da susun ayt dlm bekas tp lilin kat tv 2.Bca tau!Dam syg abg smpai dam mati. . .Dam xtipu!Dam arap pasni dam n abg salu dpt jmpa. . .Hepy sama2. 2 impian dam! Dam syg abg. Syg sgt2! Luv u YUSRI BIN KHAILUDIN.”