Wednesday, February 27, 2008


You may be frenz of yourself, be the “ngam” gang, but dun you realize that you may be the most loyal n true frenz of urself dude!!! So, wanna noe how come it be??? Check this out!!!

Defense Urself:
Sumtimes there is your frenz r trying 2 defense you when you r in the problems. But, actually if there is no one is trying 2 defense you, you will be the best frenz of yourself in order 2 defense every single part of you. Therefore, be frenz of you 2 show ur voice n right!!!

Be Frenly:
It doesn’t mean dat u must be frenly among the popular gang, u will be popular as well!!! Just believe in urself n be urself. It must be better n others will noe u as u really r. Dun be such a fool around them.

It must be hurt urself if u trying 2 compare between u n others. There will be lots of weaknesses dat u will find out. Ouchh!!! So, just look at urself n just trying 2 praise urself 4 wat is given 2 u as a gift by GOD. You may critic urself 4 improving ur bad ones. Just give da chances 2 be urself.

Love Conflicts:
U r trying 2 share ur love matters with ur close frenz, but they just saying dat u must stay away n hate ur love ones although dat makes u will think how bad they r. So, if u believe in urself n confident dat u r making da rite decisions 4 wat problems dat ur facing rote noe, n just believe dat all da secrets will be revealed. Threfore, da bad things are only u n ur love ones noe.

Improve Urself:
It is a normal if u have any weaknesses n bad attitudes coz everyone does. It is shameless if anybody is talking bout dat. So, u need 2 find out wat ur weakness is n try 2 solve them. In dat case, u r more honest than others.

Be Happy:
When u r in sadness, sure u want sumbody 2 cheer u up rite??? But, when there is no one, u still have urself 2 do so. Furthermore, u noe wat is better 4 u.

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