Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Myth of the month. . .

You use only 10 percent of your brain. . .

Maybe when u r watching The Hills, but the rest of the time u r at full capacity. The misconception may be due partly to the fact that you use only a small part of your brain-maybe 5 percent for conscious activities, such as solving math problems and swinging a golf club. The other 90-something percent? It’s employed 24/7 making sure your body stays up and running.

Caffeine Fix???

Another excuse to make Starbucks run: Swedish scientists recently found out that drinking 2 cups of coffee daily reduces your risk of liver cancer by 43 percent. The researchers made this determination after analyzing 11 studies that include over 241,000 people. Although there isn’t a proven mechanism for how coffee help prevent liver cancer, the researchers think it could be a combination of compounds. “Caffeine appears to keep an enzyme linked to liver damaged at normal levels, while antioxidants also contribute to the beneficial effect. “

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