Saturday, March 8, 2008

Checklist! Love Capital. . .

There is no free of charge living in diz world. Loving words just maybe need using ur saliva, but 4 building it up need sumthing more than dat. Even it was used as ur true love or hepy ever after love still needs dat capital. There is no free of charge dude!!!

Phone Bills
Every couple needed in connecting to each other. Therefore, phone or mobile is the most wanted. If b4 diz u just need to spend only 20/30 baht 4 dat purpose, but now u need to spend more than previous ones. U may saving ur bills on by using da love letters but dat was 2 old skool dude!!!

If b4 u just enjoy ur meals alone, but now u have da accompany ones 2 enjoy with. Dat means u need double budget LOL. . . Wanted to save da cost??? U may pay separate for just urs!!! Or u may bring along ur “tapau” anytime having date!!! Looks classic even romantic dude. . .Hahaha.

Time! Time! Time!
U may have lots leisure time b4 being couple. Hanging out with ur buddies anytime if possible. But starting for diz moment, u need to plan ur time wisely just 2 be with ur love ones. Need to plan where 4 shopping, movies, dinner n others. Must be tired dude!!! U may using ur own tricks if u r expert on diz stuffs!!!

For those who have no own transport, it must be needed lots of penny 2 pay ur tickets (bus, taxi, LRT) everytime having date. But for those who have own cars, u need 2 spend da petrol of coz!!! It was da same rite??? Hahahaha. . . So, u need 2 cut off ur budget??? Try 4 just walking with him/her, but can not do diz always as maybe next time only u will walking alone. . . He/She is looking 4 sum1 else!!! Uwaaa. . .

It is okai 4 spending ur money for new clothes. He/She must be shame of u if u r looks untidy rite??? But sumtimes it must be “ting tong” if he/she is asking u for wearing as his/her high class taste. Mmm. . . Who noes maybe sumday u r been asked 2 buy him/her new clothes!!! Haaa. . .

Every year, at least once u need 2 buy present/ give surprise 4 his/her besday/anniversary!!! So, need 2 find da spesel n expensive ones rite??? But do u have enough money 4 those things??? Wanted 2 buy food/drinks also can not afford LOL. . . So, just go 2 mamak store!!! Save budget wat. . . Hahahaha. . .

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