Sunday, March 2, 2008

Edison's "NOTY" Controversy. . .

The “noty” scandal that he had made up was dominating all front page of papers, magazines n news along diz February no matter in Hong Kong even worldwide. Diz controversy was shocking all people n the issue of polemic bout sexual morality. It was sumkind undeniable with celebrities’ photo incident n uncut movie were spread out through the internet. If compare to Hollywood, lots of people used it in order to get popular, but the scenario is totally different in Hong Kong even it was the celebrities who are have “clean” image. The “main role” was Edison Chen Kwoon Hei, 27 n wat more surprising was the “supported role” is not only one but more than one actress who are Gillian Chung Yan Tung, Bobo Chan Man Woon, Cecilia Cheung Pak Zhi.

It happened when the 1st naked photos of Edison n Gillian were spread out over the internet on 27 Jan. The 2nd photos with Bobo Chen were spread out on the next day. On 29 Jan, the 3rd photos with the better quality with Cecilia Cheung and his latest gf, Vincy Chan while having showered.

So far, 9 people were under arrested for spreading out the photos n diz case was being the police case since last 12 Feb. Based on the police report, his (Edison) laptop was sent to be repaired n bout 1,300 photos ware copied by the irresponsible worker without his notification.

More than 100 polices were protecting him. Police had to do dat due to the rumors dat the gangsters had offered HK$500,000 to cut his hands off. So, his safety is the priority especially when he came back home from Boston for the press. After the 8th photos, he left from Hong Kong to Boston for meeting Vincy. He was not show himself to the public till 4 Feb when his 90seconds apology video was showed to the public.

On 21st Feb, he went home after month of “hiding” himself for having press. “I admit that all the photos are recorded by me, but the photos are so personal and was not to be showed to anybody else,” he said. “The photos were stolen from me illegally and were spread out without my notification,” he added. Even was not exposing all the identity of the women, he apologized for them. “I would to apologize for all women and their family in this case happened. The most important thing is I would like to sincerely apologize for all Hong Kong. I know that young man in here making me as their role model and I was regretted as failed to best role model fro them.”

But in my opinion, no matter wat happened 2 Edison was not totally his faults actually. Nobody is perfect rite??? Even me, u n all people around da world ever made the mistakes. So, dun judge a person only based on his/her really faults, just thinking wat they have done in such the gud ways. Therefore, the irresponsible ones should be judged for their jerk faults!!!

P/S: be careful if u r going 2 repair ur stuffs in such have lots of ur “personal matter”
inside!!! Dun think dat u r really believed in their jobs, but inside of their bottom of heart who noes rite???

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