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Wanna be a model???

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The following tips and secrets will show you exactly how YOU can become a successful model!

Fact #1:
You MUST take amazing pictures

Pictures are your resume.
When an agent looks at your pictures they determine if they want you or not! You need to project emotions in pictures.

This skill can be easily learned! And this skill improves as you become more confident. Pictures capture energy. The more energy you have (confidence. . .charisma. . .joy. . .) The more powerful your picture becomes.

Just keep reading to find out how you can learn how to take amazing pictures too!

Fact #2:
You MUST be ‘irresistible”!

A model needs to have something bout them that just makes people want to look at them. NO MATTER WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE, you can still be irresistible attractive!

This is lot easier than you may think. A few basic principles make this process easy for anyone. The best thing about is that you will learn to truly yourself. And as you do that everyone else will love/like you as well.

Fact #3:
You MUST know how to walk the runaway!

Runaway modeling is a HUGE part of modeling. There is a lot of money to be made!

If you don’t how to walk the runaway before becoming a model, it can really make your modeling career suffer because you will get less booking.

Fact #4:
Confidence plays a huge role in becoming a model and being a successful model.

Someone without this skill simply can’t become a model!

This process is quite simple as well. And as you expand your confidence in yourself, the amount of people willing to have confidence in you expand as well.

It’s just another part of having an amazing personality. . . which EVERYONE has! You just have to tear away all the mental junk in the way.

Fact #5:
You MUST have beautiful skin!

Models have beautiful skin and modeling agents demand beautiful skin.

It is easy to accomplish great skin, but you have to sift through all the myths. . . to find out how actually fix your skin.

Fact #6:
You MUST know how and where to get discovered!

To become a model, you need a modeling agency or model scout to discover you.

You need to know how and where to get discovered. . . without getting scammed by phony modeling agencies.

This just takes some extra knowledge of the modeling business.

Fact #7:
You MUST have a strong mind!

Most people don’t ever become a model because they don’t determined enough mind.

In modeling the competition is fierce. You NEED to have a very strong mind to become a model and stay a model.

Anyone can eliminate stress and fear completely! Stress and fear is all directly related to how you perceive the world around you.

Fact #8:
You MUST be in excellent physical shape!

This will require exercise. Every top model exercises, so do you.

It is well worth it and you will feel great about yourself.

Facts #9:
You MUST understand proper nutrition!

As a model you will require to control weight gain or loss very quickly while staying healthy looking.

This is accomplished by understanding proper nutrition. With proper nutrition, ANYONE can transform their entire body, while staying very healthy!

Fact #10:
You MUST eliminate fear and negative thinking!

Most potential models will never become a model because of fear. To get your foot in the door, you need to make sure that fear. . . isn’t going to ruin your chances!

Once you eliminate fear, you just. . . DOOO! No more scary thoughts getting in the way. You become. . . Fear-less!

Luckily, this is quite easy to do and you will learn how to do it as well!!!

Fact #11:
You MUST set goals for yourself!

Successful models set goals. I wouldn’t be a model if I hadn’t set goals for myself either.

Setting goals keeps a person motivated focused!

Fact #12:
You MUST know how and where your look can be used to make the most money possible!

Each model has a specific look and each model agency wants a different look.

By learning how and where your look can be used, you will eliminate any wasted time, money or energy.

As an example: a lot of people that should be commercial models. . . send their pictures to high fashion modeling agencies.

When they get no response. . . they think they are ugly or something!!!

I don’t care what you look like! You are not ugly! You just not placing yourself in the view of the right people to take your modeling career to the next level.

That’s like a carpenter drooping off resumes at all the plumbing shops in town. Then wondering why he never got a single phone call!!!

Fact #13:
You MUST keep your stress level under control!


Getting picked apart and rejected every day, can really break someone down, if they have a weak mind.

Some people aren’t properly prepared for its stresses. Then they end up destroying their whole careers before they have even started!
With the relaxation and stress relief exercises I will show you, you will never be over stressed again!

Fact #14:
You MUST realize what are modeling myths and what are facts!

The modeling business is full myths.

I can’t even count how many times I have been emailed with the comment, “I want to become a model, but I am too short to ever become one”.

That is such a bunch of bull! I have seen models 5 inches shorter than every other model. . . that are making 10 inches as much money!

Another common myth is that you’re never too old to model. That’s not true either. Which models do you think they use to target the 30-40 age group or the 40-50 or 50-60 are group???

By right it is actually, 30-40 years old. . . 40-50 years old. . . and 50-60 years old!!!

Each market has an age group and each age group needs models from that age group to model!

Myths like these have stopped so many people from even trying to become a model! You need to know what the truth is and how the modeling business really works!

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