Saturday, March 15, 2008

tips 4 shopping da books!!!

Buy lots of books, but still getting saved.

Do u love reading or maybe a bookworm? It was gud if u say “YES” as reading may giving u lots of knowledge. Sumtimes diz hobby needed lots on ur penny 4 spending on it. Especially if u just bought da books or magazines as u r attracted by its attracting covers only. So, for those who have diz habit, just follow da tips:

1st Step:

Before u make a decision on buying da books, and make sure dat which genre of books u attractive with. First, u may choose from da genre of fiction or non-fiction. If u say 4 fiction, making with smaller scope of ur choices whether it was horror, jokes, drama, or novel? If u say 4 non-fiction, make sure da subtheme dat u mostly like whether socio-politic, economical, motivation, spiritual, or maybe health? Da most important thing is dat u choose da book rather than its authors.

2nd Step:

Once u chose da theme of ur chosen books, collect as much as u can da information from all kinds or resources. In diz case, da internet is da most effective ones. When u r already in the bookstore, be hurry 4 looking its synopsis. If u found out dat its synopsis dun really interesting, there is no point at all if u buy it rite???

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