Saturday, March 8, 2008

Reality Check!!!

Reality Check: Students n Graduates

Are you getting ready to compete on searching da jobs with other thousands out there??? After finished ur study doesn’t mean dat ur challenges r also finished then, but now u must be facing da real world. A roll of Diploma even Degree doesn’t guarantying u will get a job!!! Do understand dat!!!

Myth no.1
Jobs may be easy n faster searched if having a great result indeed. So, study hard n smart!!! Dun forget 2 get Deal List!!!

Myth no.2
Lots of interviews attended, higher chances to get one of them. Check da paper out 2day!!!

Myth no.3
There are lots of jobs waiting 4 u after da graduation.But dun be 2 choosy!!!

Myth no.4
Must be accepting how much ur income payment due to ur first time working after graduated. Dun be such a demand okai!!!

Myth no.5
As many as resume been sent, da higher chances u will be asked 4 interviews. So, take as many photos as possible!!!

Myth no.6
Need 2 be waiting after finished ur studies 1st, n then u may searching 4 da jobs. Focus on ur studies 1st!!!

Myth no.7
Just accepting ur 1st job offered due 2 hard 2 get da jobs nowadays.1st come 1st serve!!!!

Myth no.8
Sales field is a must job 4 all da fresh graduates. Really??? Dun noe LOL. . .

Myth no.9
U may be lying or changing da facts of ur details during da interviews for attracting da interviewers. Must play play!!!

Myth no.10
Sumtimes u need to pretend dat u have da criteria needed so dat u will be hired. Need to be wise bout diz stuff!!!

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