Monday, March 24, 2008

Trip to KB (PR Project)

Thursday (20/03/08)

Trip started at 6pm but according to the earlier plan, we supposed to start our journey erlier than that (5pm). But its okai then. . . Just hour lated! Hehehehehe. . . bout 2 hour s later, we’re stepped by in batu burok to have our dinner. I ordered my nasi goreng paprik and sunquick susu!!! My perfect combonation!!! Yummy. . . after da kenyang suma, we’re continued da trip going straight away to uitm machang, Kelantan. About 11pm we arrived there. We’re quite surprised coz seems “bigger” and “exciting” rather than our campus itself. . . da penat sgt duk berjam dalam bus, so all of us going to sleep. But before that, mandi la dlu. . . nk tau, da place that we’re stayed quite SPOOKY!!! Almaklumlah bangunan da lama. . . time 2 student ramai yg cuti. So, phm2 ja la. . .

Friday (21/03/08)

Diz morning we needed 2 wake up early. . . at 4am!!! Huhuhuhuhu. . . da mandi suma kitorang pn briefing la. . . But before that, explanation given to us bout the program that will be held in HUSM Kubang Kerian. Da selesai suma kitorang pn melantak la!!! waaa. . . da tenyang da. . .
So pasni nk wat pa??? pa lg. . . sesi fotografi la katenye!!! Hahahahaha. Took our memories in here in the pic motions!!! Excited sgt dorang to posing. Including me LOL. . . huhuhuhu. Afta da posing sakan bergambar ni kitorang rehat jab kat blik2 spooky kitorang 2. . . at 11am, we took our lunch. Mak oii awalnya lunch!!! Da 2 nk wat cmna kan. . . kitorang kena kejar masa. So, afta lunch kitorang get ready going to HUSM.

Bout couple hours then, kitorang pn sampai la. But budak2 laki kena p solat jumaat dlu LOL. . . then afta solat we went to pediatric ward. I felt so sad coz there is lots of young and children are been diagnosed as cancer. . . They made us felt that we’re so lucky indeed. Lama jugak la duk melayan kerenah budak2 ni . . . Sekali pandang cam dorang ni sehat n biasa ja cm budak2 lain, but sebaliknya. . . sempat gak la sesi fotografi kat sana. Part wajib!!! Huhuhuhuhu. . . nk tao, sempat jugak la kan terjampa waris kat c2. At first xtao pn dia 2 waris tao. N then bila da borak2 bru la dpt tao dia 2 waris. Kan dunai ni kecil ja kan.

afta visited the HUSM, we’re going to KB Mall. Wat for??? Shopping time!!! Hahahaha. But im not really shopping LOL. . . just window shopping ja. Kitorang jejalan pusing2 mall. Stepped by kat candy shop jab. Cam besh ja kan. . . beli la mcam jenis candy. N then beli big lollipop tuk LEO. Suka yg BESAR ja kan. . . hahahaha. Adoi. . . im really tired LOL. Penat tol. Then we just rest 4 a while. Rest punya rest seb baik la x kena tggal bus. Hehehehe. . . then we planned 4 going to wakaf che yeh. Im not rally noe bout diz place, but then its okai. We’ll see. . . oic, now I noe!!! It was sumkind like “nite market”. Mcm “petaling street’ jugak la. . . then, we went back to uitm (machang). Sempat gak la beli ckit. I bought belt!!!

Saturday (22/03/08)

Woke up at 6am. Needed to get ready for going to orphanage at 6:45am. But me n frenz a little bit late. So, terpaksa la gerak kol 7am!!! Huhuhuhuhu. We arrived there at 9am. Then we started our activities there till 12:45pm. It was so fun n lots of excitements with those kids. They are separated into boys n gurls. Cant be combined 2getha LOL. Huhuhuhuhu. . . then the activities had begun. . . the boys are given paper cups n tapes while the gurls are given straws n tapes. They are needed 2 create n build anything using the items given. So macam la dorang reka. Ada yg gempak n ada gak yg kelakar. Hahahahaha. So pas hepy ngn bebudak ni kitorang kena la gerak. Kalau x smpai lewat la plak!!! After the program ended, we took our lunch first n then prayed for solat zohor. Now, we’re going to pengkalan kubur (rantau panjang). Not reallt shopping. Just belek ja. . . Nothing interested. Bajet2 2 nk beli gak baju kan tp xjd. So, xbeli la jawab nye!!! Eh, tp beli gak singlet sehelai. . . Huhuhuhuhu.
End of shopping, we're continuing our journey going back to uitm (dungun). Stepped by in guntong for solat maghrib n then went to sungai tong we’re having our dinner there. So hungry!!! Need to fill up my empty stomach. . . da tenyang then we’re continued the trip going back to dungun. Smapai agak lewat gak at 1am we arrived in uitm dungun. So tired. Smpai ja kat blik terus terlelap ngn kasut2!!! Adoi. . . penat punya pasal kan!!! Huhuhuhuhu.

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